2018 Season. Contact (519) 527-0590 for more information.

League When Contact Fee
Men Mondays at 8:00PM
Jack McLachlan
jmclachlan@tcc.on.ca or (519) 522-1870
$300.00 + HST = $339.00
Mixed Curling Tuesdays at 7:30PM
Kelsey Bennewies
kelsey_bennewies@hotmail.com or (519) 276-1686
$200.00 + HST = $226.00
Daytime/Social Thursdays at 9AM
Keith Patterson
kpatterson@tcc.on.ca or (519) 522-4313
$200.00 + HST = $226.00

Also Available

  • Daily mixed / seniors: $16.95 per game.
  • Thursdays: $84.75 per draw.
  • Spares are required to pay a game fee if they are not a member of the club.
  • Associate – non-curling membership is available for $35.00 annually and allows you to enjoy various club benefits.

Seaforth Curling Club members, thank you for joining our club. This is your club too and it needs you. We are finding that many of the same people have been organizing and volunteering at our various fund raising and social events. We, as a club, all benefit when these events are successful as membership registration fees are kept down, monthly club expenses can be met, and upgrades to our facility can be made. There are volunteer sheets posted in clubhouse and we need you to sign up and offer your volunteer assistance. Your club needs you so please step up now.