Seaforth Curling Club Curling in Seaforth, Ontario
Men's League
$300 + HST = $339
Monday at 8:00PM
Jack McLachlan
Email or (519) 522-1870
Mixed Curling
$200 + HST = $226
Tuesdays at 7:30PM
Kelsey Bennewies
Email or (519) 276-1686
Daytime/Social League
$200 + HST = $226
Thursdays at 9:00AM
Keith Patterson
Email or (519) 522-4313
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No bonspeils are scheduled at this time. Check back later. We run several events throughout the season.

IPM Cheque Acceptance

The 2018-2019 curling season is underway. Spots are still available if you would like to join our leagues. Stay tuned for bonspeil announcements later this winter.

Craft Brewery Extravaganza

The Seaforth Curling Club is hosting breweries from around Huron County this winter. Everyone from the community is welcome! Non-members are encouraged to join us for tasting. Breweries will have their beers available to try and will provide information about their craft.

River Road Brewing Vists the Club

River Road

What is Curling?

A chance to throw stones at houses!

Curling is a sport similar to bocce, but with steering! Players slide stones down a sheet of ice while sweepers control its speed and direction, or “curl”, aiming for the center of the target. The team with stones closest to the center gets points.

Video credit: Curling Canada